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Sapphire Eye Rarity and Cold Blooded Twilight, hanging out at the beach, what fun can these two have :3

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Here a Reference Sheet of Sapphire Eye Rarity drawn by my new blog artist

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☆*・゜゚・* My Little Personalities *・゜゚・*☆

So the idea behind this is that I don’t know many people who fit the Mane 6 personality-wise. Most people are a combination of two ponies!
Which two ponies are you most like?

I’ll be selling buttons of these at Babscon this weekend!
Stickers soon to follow at my etsy shop!

I think i’m a Appleshy
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Pinkie Pyro Pops the Party Palace - Part 1

(Collab with Jester Pinkie & Pinkie Pyro)

Just reblog to show that the Pinkie Pie Plentiful Pinkie Party Pony Palace is back in action after our blog removal, man that a lot of P’s
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Commissions For A Cause is a group of artist doing commissions in exchange for donations that go to different charities.

In other words you pay the charity a certain amount depending on what picture you want from what artist!

A new charity is picked every month and for the time being we are raising money for Parents In Action!

Please help spread the word of CFAC!

Just signal boosting a friend’s cause :D
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