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M.Rity: Now, let the questions begin!

New rarity blog, and a mecha too, 

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…Happy Birthday Beatbox we wub wub you <3<3<3

Wish Beatbox a happy b-day by giving wub wubs (/’u’)/ Tell her Wub wubs in her Inbox~!

Well it the through that counts Sera,  OMG, thank you so much for doing this girl, i totally love it, you rock big time girl :)

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Today my Birthday, jesus i’m 28 years olds.

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now that smooth Applejack.

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Rarity et Pinkie Pie by Iopichio

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I decided to sketch some of my favorite blogs ovo I think you guys should really check em out!(aside from mine since you’re already here)
Ponies in order of appearance:

1: my blog uvu
2: askpiratedash
3: motherlyscootaloo
4: gamerscootaloo
5: outofworkderpy
6: ask-sapphire-eye-rarity
7: ask-acepony

These look amazing dear, i’m honored you would use Sapphire, thank you very much :)

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I *ain’t* jealous.

me think your lying :3

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Vote for ponis! →


Okay, so Ponies won the vote for next comic, but I figured you guys should vote for the pairing you want; Several, if not all, of these will get done eventually, but for now, just pick whichever pairing or title sounds most interesting to you guys!

just a couple more weeks until My Sister’s Keeper is finished and wrapped up, so the day I post the final page, this poll will close, and I’ll get started on whichever story wins!

might as well unleash the hounds. vote people for Baku next comic